Monday, 20 December 2010


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As in earlier post the weight of the bag should not exceed 15% of the kids wt.

In India most kids are either malnourished or obese.only small number of kids fall in the normal weight it is very difficult to give a standard guideline according to age or grade of studiying.
But we can reduce the burden by following measures.


1.provide safe purified drinking water in the school campus will definitely reduce 300-500 gms of weight
2.provide mid day meal ,reduce additional half kg wt.
3.books should be split in to two or three parts and only that particular part should be taken for that terms
4.make arrangements to keep few of the notebooks and text books in a safe place
5.avoid single sided bag.always use strapped shoulder bags so that the weight will be distributed evenly.but remember that shoulder bag can restrict breathing movement if it's overloaded .
I hope in the future the tablet pc will replace all the text and notebooks and children will be freed from this burden.
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Sunday, 19 December 2010


education should bring a change in your child s life not in her back. There is a growing concern over the effects of overloaded school bags in children.
It is unfortunate that parents are not aware about the ill effects of excess weight

Growing children have tender spine which is not meant for weight weight bearing for long duration can bend the back will result in backpain.
Shoulder bag can restrict breathing of your air entry in to the lung is reduced which may cause lung disease in future.
Other pains such as hand pain and leg pain can occur
Chronic weight bearing can damage the knee joint and will cause early onset of osteo arthritis of knee joint.

it is recommended that children should not carry 15 % of their weight .that is if your kid is 15 kg ,he should not carry more than 2.25 kg.
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